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Convert more impressions into sales!

More Details = Better Audiences = Higher Marketing ROI

With WP Facebook Pixel’s unique site-wide tracking options, you can quickly and easily create detailed audiences which improve your advertising effectiveness.

More effective marketing results in higher conversion rates.  WP Facebook Pixel gives you all the information you need to generate target rich audiences.

Target Audiance

this plugin is not yet famous, but it saved me a lot of time!
the others pretend that I insert a shortcode into every product page and with more of 10.000 products it is very crazy! Instead with this plugin now I have added facebook pixel to thousansd pages in few clicks!

matteo raggi

It simply works as it should. Regularly updated and bug free, also very responsive support!


If you are running Fb Ads and looking for a pixel plugin? Look no further because this had got to be one of the best plugin at the moment. Love it!


This is the best FB pixel plugin we have used, and they are always staying on top of the updates with FB making changes all the time.

We have tried several other ones and finally found this one for our network. We are using some specialized plugins and it was nice that this one had zero conflict issues with them.

Using this currently on over 20 websites. Thanks WP Facebook Pixel and team. Much appreciated making pixeling super easy, the dark ages of marketing are over! boom!


This plugin is amazing! It saved a lot of time! I’ve used it on 2 sites. The needle started moving on the pixel traffic over on Facebook. It works great.


I tried one of the other similar plugins first but I wasn’t able to make it work. WP Facebook Pixel, on the other hand, was easy to setup and I’m seeing results my my site!


I’ve tried 4 or 5 plugins to make this work and this was the only which really worked with ajax add to cart.

There is only one small issue. I have products which can be added to cart directly via ajax in the front page. But the plugin only supports shop and product page.

Thankfully the great customer support helped my fix this 🙂


My programmer couldn’t help me with my Pixel conversion for Facebook and this plugin is the solution I was looking for.


Finally, a pixel plugin that works. Thank you!


Well, what the title says. Plugin does it’s job perfectly and gives us so much data to work with on Facebook. We had a minor issue, but when reported, we had a great dialogue with the developers and a fix was provided really fast.

Thanks guys for making our life easier!


Great plugin, great support…5/5!

Matt Magi

This plugin made it very easy (easier then the others) to add page specific events to really track our users activity. Really helps create very specific marketin gaudiences. Support was very helpful in guiding me to find the pixel code too.


The plugin does it all by itself, amazing. Really for dummies. And when I needed help for making a facebook ad-group, Jacob helped me all the way. So don’t hesitate, choose this plugin!


This is really quite fast and easy to use. I was able to get it up and running in minutes on three sites that I control. Pixel version 1.0.2 No problems!


Add the Facebook Pixel code just once. Customize pages/posts as needed – great resource for advertisers!


Feature rich and easy to use

Loaded with great features and includes the easiest most intuitive way to add events to any post.
  • Quick Setup

    Set up and add the Facebook Pixel to every page within minutes!

  • (PRO) Track Title

    Automatically track the title of each post or page visited in the ViewContent event.

  • (PRO) Delay ViewContent events

    Delaying the ViewContent event ensures your audience contains only the most interested visitors.

  • (PRO) Track page visit duration

    Automatically add the visitors page view duration to the ViewContent event.

  • Exclude user tracking

    Don’t track Administrators, Shop Managers or any other user type with a simple click.

  • (PRO) Category / Tag Tracking

    Track specific categories and tags or track them all automatically!

  • (PRO) Key Tracking

    Some plugins add different Keys to your post types.  We will show you all of the keys set for any page/post type and you can track it with 1 click!

  • (PRO) Search Term Tracking

    Automatically send the Search term used when a user searches your site.

  • Choose your Product ID

    Use either the Product ID or SKU to track your products.

  • (PRO) WooCommerce Custom Value

    Tracking a custom value assigned to each WooCommerce product instead of the products price.

  • Dynamic Product Ads

    Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads improve your marketing targeting.  WP Facebook Pixel automatically sends all required information for all WooCommerce actions taken.

Free!Great to get started
  • Metabox for Page / Post specific events

  • WooCommerce Events

  • Dynamic Product Ad Support

  • User type tracking exclusion

ProfessionalBuild better targeted audiences with more detailed information
from $29.95/yr.
  • Page/Post Title Tracking

  • ViewContent Event Delay

  • Track search queries

  • Track Page view Duration

  • Track categories, tags and meta keys

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