Get Your Pixel

Get your Facebook Pixel

The first thing you will need to get started is your very own Facebook Pixel.  Facebook gives you the ability to create a Pixel for your personal or business account.  We recommend setting up a Business Account for your Ad account.  Each account (personal or business) can have only 1 pixel, so creating the pixel for the business account ensures traffic and audiences are easily segmented by business.

If you already have a Pixel set up, open the Facebook Business Manager (link in step 2), open your power editor (step 4) and the pixel tool (part of step 5) and get your ID from step 6.

1. Get the Information

Facebook Provides some excellent walkthroughs and help content. Visit the site below and read the information in the first section “Create your Business Manager”. Key sections to read are “How do I sign up for Business Manager?” and “How do I add an ad account to my Business Manager”.

2. Create your account

Head on over to Facebook Business Manager and sign up a new account. Log into Facebook with your personal account information (or sign up). Next, click the “Create Account” button, enter your Business name and click continue.

3. Create your Ad Account

Using the main menu on the left, move your mouse over ‘Add New’ and select  “Ad Accounts”.  Provide the Ad Account with a few basic pieces of information like Name and Time zone and click “Create Ad Account”.  Go ahead and Skip adding people if you want to for now and click “OK” to close the setup wizard.

4. Open the Power Editor

Open the Power Editor form the main menu on the left, select the Ad Account you just created and click “Download”.  For now, you can Skip creating campaign, we will return to this another day.

5. Setup your Pixel

Once the Facebook Power Editor loads, find the Tools menu item across the top and select Pixels.  This will open a new window with a button “Create a Pixel”.  Give your Pixel a name, agree to terms and click “Create Pixel”.  Once the pixel is created click “Install The Pixel”.  This will open a window with some code, we can skip this. Click “Next” then “Done” and close the welcome message.

6. Get your PixelID

To the right of the chart on the Facebook Pixel page, you should find a section with your Pixel’s name and ID.  Copy the ID, we will need that when we setup the plugin.

Whats Next

Now that you have your Pixel ID, it is time to install Remarketable Pro on your WordPress site.

Install Remarketable Pro →

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