Install remarketable Pro

Get the plugin

To get the plugin, you can either download it directly to your site from’s plugin directory or you can download the plugin to your computer to be uploaded.  Either way, the process is quick and painless!

Install Pro version from Night Shift Apps download

1. Login to your Night Shift Apps account

Click ‘My Account’ in the main Night Shift Apps menu and enter your user name and password you chose when purchasing the plugin.

2. Download the plugin

From your account dashboard, click API Downloads on the left.  Find the latest version of the plugin you want to install and click the Download link.  This will save the plugin to your local computer.  Please note the folder you download the plugin file to.

3. Upload the plugin to your WordPress site

In your WordPress admin area, click the Add New link under Plugins.  Click the Upload Plugin button then Choose File.  Find the plugin file you downloaded in step 2 and click Install Now.  This will upload and install the plugin to your WordPress site.  Once that is complete, all you need to do is click the Activate link.

Installing from inside your WordPress site

1. Add New Plugin

From the main WordPress menu, select Plugins then Add New.  This will bring up the’s Plugin directory where you can find a lot of great plugins to use, but we will focus on one in particular.

2. Install

After you locate the card for remarketable, click Install Now or click the More Details link to see the latest information for the plugin.

3. Activate

After the plugin download and installation is completed, click the ‘Activate Plugin’ link.

What’s Next

After installing the plugin, visit the plugin’s settings to configure it.

remarketable Pro Settings →

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