remarketable Pro

$29.95 / year

Get more return and higher conversion rates on your Facebook marketing by using Remarketable Pro’s unique and powerful site wide features.  Set them once and they apply to every post and page on your site.

Each licenses includes 1-click updates and basic support for one year from the date of purchase.  After that, continue using Remarketable Pro at no cost!

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Remarketable Pro automatically adds the Facebook Pixel to every page with only a few clicks.  Our robust integration with WooCommerce allows you to immediately take advantage of Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads with no added configuration or setup required.

The Remarketable Pro also includes the most intuitive method of adding page or post specific events by providing you with a brand new metabox on each page or post.  This allows you to very easily generate specific events on these specific posts, pages, or any other custom post type.  Our unique event handler even allows you to use values dynamically gathered from either javascript or querystring variables without writing a single line of code!

Finally, our site wide options provide you with the fastest method to improve your audience targeting with only a few clicks.

Check out all of our features below.


  • Quick Setup

    Set up and add the Facebook Pixel to every page within minutes!

  • (PRO) Track Title

    Automatically track the title of each post or page visited in the ViewContent event.

  • (PRO) Delay ViewContent events

    Delaying the ViewContent event ensures you don’t target people visitors who are not truly interested in your product.

  • (PRO) Track page visit duration

    Automatically add the visitors page view duration to the ViewContent event.

  • Exclude user tracking

    Dont track Administrators, Shop Managers, or any other user type with a simple click.

  • (PRO) Category / Tag Tracking

    Track specific categories and tags or track them all automatically!

  • (PRO) Key Tracking

    Some plugins add different Keys to your post types.  We will show you all of the keys set for any page/post type and you can track it with 1 click!

  • (PRO) Search Term Tracking

    Automatically send Search event when a user searches your site.

  • Choose your Product ID

    Use either the Product ID or SKU to track your products.

  • (PRO) WooCommerce Custom Value

    Tracking a custom value assigned to each WooCommerce product instead of the products price.

  • Dynamic Product Ads

    Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads improve your marketing targeting.  WP Facebook Pixel automatically sends all required information for all WooCommerce actions taken.