remarketable Pro – Category Tracking Settings

remarketable Pro has the ability to track post and page categories, tags or any other custom taxonomy values.  Track every taxonomy or only specific taxonomy values with just a few clicks.

Category Tracking Settings

When a user views a post, page or custom post type, remarketable Pro will check to see if that post was assigned a taxonomy value which you have chosen to track.  If so, all tracked values assigned to the post will be sent to Facebook in a custom parameter using the name of taxonomy (e.g. category, post_tag or some other custom taxonomy).

Track all category terms

Yes (default): remarketable Pro allows you to track all taxonomy values with a single click.  Choosing this value will automatically send every taxonomy and it’s values applied to the post to Facebook.

No: Select this value if you do not want to track every taxonomy or wish to only track specific values.  A list of taxonomies and values currently assigned to a post will be displayed from which you can choose which to track.

Build a Facebook audience with specific taxonomy values

Once you have defined the values for each taxonomy, you want to create an audience in Facebook‘s business manager.  To do so, in the Create Audience window, set the following values:

  • Website Traffic: Custom Combination
  • Under include, Select “Event” and “ViewContent”
  • Under ViewContent, enter the taxonomy name you want to build the audience from then enter the value which was tracked.

In this example, users who view posts related to the “wp-facebook-pixel” “category” will be targeted.


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