remarketable Pro Eurasier

remarketable Pro Eurasier version 4.0

We have optimized and improved notifications in the admin section and included some important changes to the Pro.


  • Daily Checks – We have updated the notification gathering to only once per day.  If you wish to see if there are new notifications sooner, go to Settings in the main WordPress menu, then select remarketable Pro Settings.  Once there, open the Notifications tab and the latest notifications will be pulled from our servers.
  • Notifications Redesigned – Previous versions were using core WordPress styles and scripts.  While this is normally safe, some plugins or themes were causing issues.  We have broken away from these core styles and scripts and written our own.

Pro Changes:

  • Category and Tag Tracking: Categories and Tags now record the slug instead of names.  This is important since Facebook’s audience builder assumes a space indicates a new value.
  • Meta Key Tracking: Deciding which Meta Key data to save should be considered carefully since many themes and plugins add a lot of meta data to a post.  As such, we have set the default for the ‘track all’ option to false.

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