remarketable Pro v2.6

remarketable Pro v2.6 “Chow Chow”

This update was just released and if you haven’t upgraded yet, do so! This includes a lot of exciting changes to the plugin, most importantly of which include massive improvements to setup, usability and front end optimization.

General Updates

Updated support information

We now have this shiny new website. We will be working hard to add more content to the support and features section to really help you get the most out of our plugin.

Tested WooCommerce 2.5

WooCommerce has had a major update to their plugin as well, be we are on top of it. We have tested extensively to ensure we are still compatible.


Updated Plugin Options

Pixel ID, not Code

We have improved the back end by allowing you to identify the Facebook Pixel ID instead of requiring you to post the entire Pixel code. If Facebook ever adjusts their code, we will update the plugin and you won’t be required to do anything!

If you used our plugin prior to this change, when you update this version will look at the code you had provided before and we will automatically set your Pixel ID option for you.


Updated Metabox

Updated KeyValue description

To help you understand the power of this feature, we have updated our description to better explain what the Key/Value pairs are and how they are used. Stay tuned here for a more indepth explanation including examples.

Added client side validation to Values

Client side validation will ensure that you enter valid information into the Value box prior to updating your post.

Set KeyValues to hidden until an event is selected

We like things clean and neat, so until you select a specific event, we will hide the Key/Value box entirely.


Front End Optimization

Added JavaScript to process objects and submit FBQ request.

This update really excites us. This moves a lot of logic off your server onto the client which means your users will see their pages load faster!


Bug Fixes

Fixed issue reported by mobile_impaired

mobile_impaired pointed out a PHP Warning when someone was checking out a cart with multiple items. We have tested and resolved it.

Fixed issue reported by kevinchillout

Kevin reported an error which occurred when activating the plugin on his site. We have tested and resolved this issue.

Fixed issue reported by Els Jansen

Els contacted us directly to let us know she was having issues activating an earlier update to the plugin. We worked directly with her and were able to solve her issue and get her back up and running. Over the course of our investigation we were able to identify a few improvements to our plugin which could help more people as well.

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